Sunday with Peter Hurley

My buddy Peter Hurley was in LA conducting his first LA HEADSHOT INTENSIVE as he likes to call it. Its a 2 day workshop for Actors and Photographers. When he invited me to join him on Sunday and take some pictures of the event, I could not resist.

As usual Peter was full of great ideas and advice for the folks attending the workshop..

He had about 4 photographers and 7-8 actors in attendance. His energy and love for the whole process made for an really loose and fun learning environment.

Some images from a great day spent with Peter.     

Towards the middle of the day actor Michael Papajohn stopped by to talk to the actors about their careers and his experience in the business. All in all, I had a blast and was able to pick up a few tricks myself.

Thanks again for a great time on Sunday.

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As actors you have one opportunity to make a first impression. It is a lot like online dating. If you send out a picture that is great but doesn't look like you, your date (casting) is gonna be disappointed. You won't get a second chance. But if you are able to capture your personality and the strongest aspects of your talents in that one frame, you'll find that there are a lot of people out there looking for someone just like you. SO, this blog is dedicated to getting you more dates, or rather auditions. We leave your actual dating life up to you. With over 30 years of experience in the photography and headshot business, I will keep you posted on the business of acting with an emphasis on photos.

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