As is the case from time to time, you decided a change was needed.  You went to the salon and spent $150 coloring your hair.  It looks great and you are happy with it, but now your headshot doesn’t look like you.  What do you do?

Retouching, as seen in the pictures above, can often times fix the hair color.  This kind of retouching is not easy to perform or cheap, but it can be less expensive than paying for a whole new headshot session.  I say “can be less expensive” because if you want to do more than one image, it may be more cost effective to contact your photographer for another shoot.  Retouching hair color like this should be an option if you have that one picture that you really love and want to keep using it, like the actress pictured above.

I guess the lesson in all this is, it can be difficult for casting to see you as a young black haired woman when the picture you submitted was blonde.  Whether you decide to retouch the image or schedule a new photo shoot, you need to keep your pictures updated.  Make the change.

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As actors you have one opportunity to make a first impression. It is a lot like online dating. If you send out a picture that is great but doesn't look like you, your date (casting) is gonna be disappointed. You won't get a second chance. But if you are able to capture your personality and the strongest aspects of your talents in that one frame, you'll find that there are a lot of people out there looking for someone just like you. SO, this blog is dedicated to getting you more dates, or rather auditions. We leave your actual dating life up to you. With over 30 years of experience in the photography and headshot business, I will keep you posted on the business of acting with an emphasis on photos.

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